The HygieneKey

Combating the spread of deadly germs, one Key at a time
A contactless key that makes your life easier…and safer! Made of ABS plastic | Copper Toughened | Virus / Bacteria Resistant

HygieneKey - Features

Avoid direct contact with surfaces

like handles, levers, switches, keypads and touchscreens.

Ergonomically designed

so you can use it to open doors, punch keys, and operate levers smoothly.

You can carry it anywhere, easily

in your pocket, attach it to a keychain or a carabiner and use it as you need to.

Reduce point-of-touch

exposure by 99%.

About us

Rangoli Ayurved is a premier health care company in India, focusing on ayurvedic and alternative medicine.

We have launched this HygieneKey as part of our effort to help India beat the pandemic by reducing contact with surfaces and stopping the spread.

Over the longer term, we hope the HygieneKey can help stop the spread of germs in public places, and move us towards Swachh Bharat.

Keep your hands clean


Avoid direct contact as you open doors, hit switches, and operate keypads in public.

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Keep your hands clean

Avoid direct contact as you open doors, hit switches, and operate keypads in public.

Easily carried

The compact design makes it easy to slip into your pocket without developing an odd bulge.

Use It To

Open doors

Use a keypad

Use a touchscreen

Flip a switch

Use a lever

Touchless touchscreen

  • The ergonomic design makes this key especially suitable for using touchscreens.
  • Your fingers may be sweaty, and cause problems on touchscreens.
  • The HygieneKey will always ensure a smooth operation.

Push-Pull Design

Open and close many door type and pull items with easy while also having a solid surface to push and interact with your environment works great for shopping carts when useing two wizzels!

Toughened with highest-grade copper alloy

You can use a disinfectant wipe, cloth, sanitizer to clean the key after every use


Hygiene key - FAQ

General FAQ’s

The HygieneKey is a contactless/zero-touch key, that lets you avoid direct contact with high-touch surfaces like handles and keypads.

A contactless key is best used in high-touch public hotspots, since most public surfaces are always contaminated with germs. Example: Store-checkouts, ATMs, Petrol Pumps, Malls, in the Metro, using a Lift, etc.

Whenever you need to operate a handle or a lever, hit a switch, or use a touchscreen/keypad, use HygieneKey.

Using the HygieneKey properly can reduce your contact with potentially contaminated surfaces by over 99%. This is all the more critical given the current pandemic health advisory – to avoid touching surfaces in public as much as possible.

The sleek design makes it very easy to slip the key into your pocket, attach it to a keychain or a carabiner or even by itself.

Yes. TSA allows you to have hand tools in your carry-on bag.

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