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About HygieneKey

Rangoli Ayurved is a premier health care company in India, focusing on ayurvedic and alternative medicine.

We have launched this HygieneKey as part of our effort to help India beat the pandemic by reducing contact with surfaces and stopping the spread.

Over the longer term, we hope the HygieneKey can help stop the spread of germs in public places, and move us towards Swachh Bharat.

HygieneKey - Features

Avoid direct contact with surfaces

like handles, levers, switches, keypads and touchscreens.

Ergonomically designed

so you can use it to open doors, punch keys, and operate levers smoothly.

You can carry it anywhere, easily

in your pocket, attach it to a keychain or a carabiner and use it as you need to.

Reduce point-of-touch

exposure by 99%.

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